Friday, October 25, 2013

Virtual Field Trips - part 1

Today was all about Virtual Field Trips!

Ok, so not all about them. Today was the first real introduction for the 3rd graders as to what they are.

The pre-service teachers in North Carolina created a Google Doc with basic outlines of the various trips.

That document was shared with the 3rd graders in Brooklyn. As a class we talked briefly about each one, the students read each description and then commented on the various trips. In addition to leaving basic comments, they also responded to each other's comments, reinforcing points.

The 3rd graders have used Google Documents in the past, worked collaboratively with each other, but this was the first time they commented on work created outside their class. It was very exciting for them.

Next week we'll be splitting the 3rd graders into groups of 3 to "take" the virtual field trips. After that they'll share their thoughts with the -preservice teachers on North Carolina, providing feedback and impressions.

"Wheels up" next Friday...!

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