Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome to Brooklyn, North Carolina!

Welcome to Brooklyn, North Carolina!

No, there is no zip code and we're not on Google Maps, but the "town" is very much real. This blog is Brooklyn, North Carolina, a collaboration between public school students in Brooklyn, New York and pre-service teachers in Hickory, North Carolina. Together we have created Brooklyn, North Carolina!

A little background...
  • The purpose of this project is to explore possibilities for virtual collaboration between pre-service teachers in NC and elementary students in NYC. We to see if boundaries can be pushed to expose both sides to areas of education they would otherwise not have access to. Students in Brooklyn, NY have access to pre-service teachers from institutions such as NYU & Brooklyn College, local institutions. Pre-service teachers are in local, North Carolina, classrooms. The purpose is to see what can happen if both sides are taken out of these local “comfort zones” and have the opportunity to work with and learn from people hundreds of miles away.
  • The objective is to give each side exposure to different instructional and learning environments. In addition, the limits of technology are to be tested. It is very easy to use a MOOC or a Blackboard learning environment; the question is, can distance learning happen, authentically and effectively, between elementary school students and pre-service teachers, across state lines, via Google Hangouts, blogs, and hashtags.

This is our journey, these are our stories...

Brooklyn, North Carolina!

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