Friday, October 11, 2013

Our second meeting

Today was the second meeting between the students and student-teachers. Everyone was very excited!

Today the 3rd graders worked on a Google Document they created last week. The document has become a reflection of the project to this point. Once they are finished with their writing they will be sharing the Google Docs with their pre-service counterparts for feedback, comments, and corrections.

In addition, as with any project, especially technology one, things often take a bit of time to settle down & get the kinks worked out. We did another Google Hangout to get the 3rd graders comfortable and familiar with the format as well as ensure the video stream, projector, and audio were working well...

... unfortunately the AppleTV is still being hinky (I think it's an iOS 7/AppleTV OS 6 issue) so wirelessly streaming to the board isn't possible. The audio isn't great, but we're working on that...

The 3rd graders had fun taking turns trying to guess a number...

"Is it between 1 and 100?"
"Between 100 & 1000?"
"Even or odd?"
"Is it divisible by 3?"
and so on... 
 Very exciting and engaging, at least on the 3rd grade side.

Aside from the obvious fun of engaging with teachers in North Carolina, today was better than last week because I actually remembered to take pictures and tweet!

In the coming weeks we'll be sharing Google Documents, going on Virtual Field trips (VFT), evaluating the VFTs, and collaboratively creating new VFTs.

Going to be fun!

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  1. I like it! The video is great and full of cool facts. I also liked the K W L columns (know, want to know, learned) and the website. I recommend it to anyone who likes the sun.