Friday, November 1, 2013

Virtual Field Trips - part 2

Last week we started on our Virtual Field trips. Our student-teachers created some ideas and the 3rd graders got to give feedback. Here is the full post from Part 1

This week we added an element...

The 3rd graders were broken up in to groups of 3, with one group of 4. Each group was assigned a student teacher or two (the numbers don't balance out perfectly as you can see) and a group leader for the day.

The Group Leader created a document and shared it with their group mates. They gave "can edit" access to the other 3rd graders in their group.

The Group Leader then shared it with me, Mr. Casal, as well as Professor Linton and the student-teachers assigned to the group. We were given "can comment" access in order to give feedback and keep the ownership with the authors, the 3rd graders.

Once the document was shared the 3rd graders each took a section of the page and put their thoughts down. Based on the outline from last week the direction was "envision a virtual field trip you would want to create, where would you go, what would you want to see & do."

Each student put down their thoughts...

This document is meant to be more of a notes or brainstorming document than a final product. It is a great way to get the students familiar with the various ways to create & share documents and to experience the Google Document experience from all sides (owners, commenters, viewers, etc).

The next steps will be to get the feedback from our student teachers & do some revising. In addition, we'll be getting the 3rd graders some "final" trips that they will take, in their groups. They can then give feedback on the actual experience as well as refine the brainstorming document we created today to reflect the possible, probable, and doable things they look for in a "perfect" virtual field trip...

Stay tuned!

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  1. Last week we saw the video about the sun. I really liked it but the part I don't like is that the earth is going to be vaporized by the sun. I also love that there is no black dwarfs yet because the universe is to young.